we produce, convert and backup POWER TO CONNECT people.  Our valuable engineering team and since 2002 experience in Middle east and Africa Telecommunication networks has created our excellence to design, manufacture and provide DC and Hybrid power solutions for Telecommunication networks and Data centers as perfect match to regional requirements.

Our Passive Fiber Optics products connect voice, Data and videos from homes, offices and Buildings to Telecom center passing all through the cities to CONNECT people.

Our Robust, Professional and Quality IT Racks and Enclosure accommodates Active IT Components in Networks and Data Centers to receive Voice, Data and Videos to complete the Global network and CONNECT People.

Thanks to our partnership with first class brands of DC power components integrated in our solutions enabling us to provide first class solutions to our partners and customers.

  • Our Strategy – Partnership, Quality products, Competitive prices, on time delivery & always ready for services
  • Our history – Our history was written by individuals who succeeded in mastering the challenges of their times and developing new solutions.

Our First-Class Power Components Partners



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